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Some reflections on the work of the racing chaplains by those who have seen it first hand:

"It’s always nice to have someone always there in your corner" (Kathy O'Hara, Jockey)

"It’s great to know we always have some there to talk to and help in anyway they can. A real sense of security and confidence" (Rachel King - jockey)

"I think you guys do a great job. So good to know that you are always there to talk to and seek advice if need be" (Cejay Graham - jockey)

"The racing chaplains provide an invaluable service to all participants in our industry. The nature and demands of our industry can make life tough with the long hours and physical requirements of the job. It is always good to know there is someone there to talk to when you need them. Even if it’s just for a coffee and a chat when your feeling a little down they’ll always be there for you" (Deb Reiper - stablehand)

“Personally so grateful for the opportunities, support and endless friendship that has been afforded to me through the ARCC Chaplains. Thank you for helping me remember what we’re all really here for.” (Lindy Wharekura - foreperson)

"You guys are a credit to our industry! You have given me support and understanding with personal matters that were effecting my work, set my mind at ease about things I wasn't sure about and helped me have a plan of action, it was very reassuring to know that I can contact you when I need to with work and personal matters and be supported during the process" (Kathryn - stablehand)

"It’s great to know there is someone to talk to when we need to centre ourselves or find ourselves in stressful situations" (Louise Day - jockey)

"The chaplains are great to have in the jockeys room, always there for a chat when we need them and always helping people out where they can" (Brock Ryan - jockey)

“Great people to chat to if your not having the best day” (Andrew Adkins - jockey)

"The chaplains are the best" (Robbie Dolan - jockey)

"The chaplains provide a fantastic service for the racing industry and all of it’s participants. Their team can always be found at race meetings and racing events or contacted at any time to lend support for anyone in need" (Robyn Fowler - racing manager)

"It's a huge help having chaplains about at the races, obviously having someone that is completely unbiased to chat with to give support and advice is essential in such a high pressure environment" (Tom Marquand - jockey)