Our Policies

Our Policies

Doctrinal Policy

We believe, in accordance with the Scriptures, that:

  • God and his purposes are revealed fully through Jesus Christ
  • each person has worth before God
  • each person is made for relationship with God, possible only through repentance, and faith in Jesus
  • the Apostles’ creed reflects the Christian faith’s traditional message
  • the Church is the community of God’s people
  • God’s people are called by God to go into the world, with the enabling of the Holy Spirit, to live, love, proclaim and serve in Jesus’ name.

We seek to honour and serve God by:

  • helping all people meet their spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs
  • working towards removing injustice in society
  • reaching out to all people to enable them to hear and respond to the Word of God
  • offering caring and social services, especially to those connected to the Racing Industry

We want to:

  • enable people, particularly those connected with the Racing Industry to enjoy the quality of life that reflects their worth before God, especially those most vulnerable in today’s society
  • challenge and reduce injustices in society
  • achieve excellence in managing our public relations, and our human, material and spiritual resources
  • bring people from all cultural backgrounds into relationship with God through Jesus, and into growth to full Christian maturity.

Denominational Policy

The Association shall be non-denominational in its emphasis, witness and practice.

Integrity Policy

a) Vulnerable People

ARCC is committed to the safety of all we serve, especially children and other vulnerable people. ARCC requires all Chaplains, and all persons who have applied to become an ARCC Chaplain, to:

  • comply with the statutory obligations that apply to people working with children in their State or Territory; 
  • undertake a ‘working with children check’ to determine their suitability to work (in a paid or volunteer capacity) as specified under the relevant legislation in their State or Territory; and
  • provide evidence to ARCC as and when required of their ‘working with children check’ approval. 

The above requirement applies regardless of whether or not the Chaplain, or applicant to become an ARCC Chaplain, will be engaged in child-related work on behalf of ARCC. 

In addition to this, ARCC Chaplains are required to adhere to all appropriate Professional Standards policies and procedures of their faith community.

b) Code of Conduct 

ARCC is committed to the highest standards of transparency and integrity in all that it does. All current ARCC Chaplains and staff abide by a Professional Code of Conduct.

c) Reporting

If you believe one of our chaplains or members has breached the ARCC Code of Conduct, or has otherwise acted inappropriately, you are encouraged to report this to our Integrity Committee via email at integrity@arcc.org.au

All reports/matters are routed directly to the ARCC Integrity Committee and processed accordingly.

In sending this information you agree to have your contact and incident details made available to the Integrity Committee and ARCC personnel to assist in the response of this matter. 

NB: At present, the Integrity Committee consists of the ARCC Chair and the ARCC National Chaplain.