2013 Finalists

Strapper of the Year

2013 Finalists

The six finalists for the award are:

Glenn Barnes  (Chris Waller stable)

Glenn is a first rate employee. His hard work, dedication and commitment inspire his colleagues and he acts as a role model. Glenn is not one to waste words and is highly respected and a well-liked member of staff that has an impeccable understanding of the horse, racing and the industry as a whole.  He takes tremendous pride in the presentation of the horses under his care, as well as his own appearance. Glenn treats his job with the utmost professionalism and has an excellent work ethic. His boss constantly has to remind him to finish and go home with his fanatical commitment to his job. Glenn is a quiet and shy person with great compassion and kindness and should be congratulated for not only being an excellent employee, but a fine young man in our society.

Chetan Kumar (David Payne stable)

Chetan is a very good natured and kind man to all horses. He saddles all prior to exercise and he has an exceptional work ethic and always presents his runners in the best possible manner. They always look great and he has much pride in his horses’ appearance. Chetan would be a tremendous asset to any stable.

Jessica Pearson (Gai Waterhouse stable)

Jessica, of Chicago USA, joined the Waterhouse stable in February 2012 after working on the breeding side of the thoroughbred business with Coolmore.  She started her first day with a big, broad smile and each and every day since she has done the same. Jess is a much-loved team member with an infectious laugh and great sense of humour.  When it comes to work, nobody puts in more than Jess.  She is responsible, reliable and punctual, has a terrific eye for detail and takes care of each and every one of her horses in a practical and precise manner.  Her exceptional horse skills and experience often lead to Jess strapping colts or other horses that may be hard to handle. In fact, Jess prefers the tough horses and thrives on educating them and shaping them into model pupils.  Jess comes in on her days off to check that her horses have been looked after up to her standard.  Jess is an important part of the team and a large contributor to the success of the stable.

Gurdeep Singh (Clarry Conners stable)

Gurdeep (AKA ‘Lucky’) arrives to work on time every day and never misses a day. He looked after Dear Demi in Melbourne when she won the Oaks and would come back late at night to check on her eating and if she was rugged up. Lucky took Satin Shoes to Melbourne twice and also to South Australia and takes pride on his horses wherever he went. Lucky handles unruly and excitable horse better than anyone in the yard due to his kindness and understanding of the horse. Lucky is very polite to owners and is respected by them to look after their horse either in Sydney or interstate.

Lauren Taskis (Bart Cummings stable)

Lauren is a very hard-working strapper who has overcome adversity over the past 18 months and despite her hardships, Lauren is always pleasant to all and tries to help out everybody. Lauren has plenty of expertise in this role which has developed from a number of experiences in the racing industry. Originally from the UK, Lauren came to Australia a proficient trackwork rider and harnessed her skills at the stables of Gai Waterhouse, Greg Eurell and finally J.B. Cummings. Furthermore, Lauren extended her working holiday visa where completed a yearling preparation course at Kia-Ora Stud which is demonstrated in the patient and meticulous way her horses are led and brushed on raceday.

Lindy Wharekura (Peter Snowden stable)

Lindy is a very competent member of the team. She is the daughter of well-known Hawkesbury trainer Wanda Ings and has been around horses for a very long time and is an excellent horse person. Lindy is very well liked and has a good attitude to work and her colleagues. She enjoys her work and becomes quite attached to the horses she looks after, finding something to love in all of them; be it good or bad, fast or slow.